Baby Boy Pram Nappy Cake

Baby Boy Pram Nappy Cake
Baby Boy Pram Nappy Cake
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Baby Shower is one of the happiest and beautiful events in every woman’s life. It is full of happiness, smiles and laughter.

This baby boy pram nappy cake is one of the examples of a perfect baby shower gift. It is pretty and beautifully decorated blue pram nappy cake.

This baby boy nappy cake contains 64 newborn BabyLove nappies, 2 fleece blankets, 3 baby wrappers and two all ages toys. All decorations and colours match and as you can see it is yellow and blue colours and this pram nappy cake has donkey and teddy bear patterns on baby wrappers and baby blankets and to match this animals nappy cake theme I added two all ages toys, a little donkey and a teddy bear.

Such blue baby boy pram nappy cake would be the most welcomed baby shower gift. This nappy cake looks amazing and it contains the most used and needed baby products that will be used for a new baby with great pleasure.

This baby boy pram nappy cake will fit into any baby boy themed baby shower party with blue and yellow colours. It looks like a real cute baby pram and will fit into any baby related celebration.

I especially love the sparkling butterfly on the pram handle. It makes a perfect touch to this baby boy nappy cake decoration. I also like adding rhinestone decorations to give to the nappy cake decorating details some shine and brightness.

This baby boy pram nappy cake would be a very special and warming baby shower gift and would make any mom-to-be feel happy and touched.

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Date: 09/09/2011


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